Mobile Videography

Mobile videography has reached a level of legitimacy with smartphone film festivals launching worldwide. Modern smartphone video and photo capabilities have opened the doors for professional filmmakers to create and distribute their work faster than ever before, keeping up with the constant content demands of social media. Relinquishing the bulky hardware and multi-step file transferring process of traditional equipment decreases production times and costs for professionals, enabling them to price accordingly and pass the savings on to clients.mgp_rig_2

While everyone has a smartphone these days, not everyone has the professional expertise to push these devices to their full potential. When onstage, you want to trust that your media needs are in good hands so you can focus on what matters: your performance.

Mike Goetz Productions utilizes this cutting edge technology to create solutions for live performances with our Live Gig Flat Rate. We add improved software, mobile stabilization, and audio boosting equipment to bring even more quality to the end product.

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