Live Gig Flat Rate

The Live Gig Flat Rate is best for:


  • Videos for Social Media and Marketing
  • When fast turnaround is needed
  • Modest-Budget Projects


  1. To schedule Live Gig Flat Rate services, please complete the Agreement. View as PDF.
  2. We will respond within 24 hours to confirm availability.
  3. Mike Goetz Productions will arrive 30 minutes early for setup. We will bring a printed agreement for The Act/Contact, secure the venue’s wi-fi (to increase transfer speed), confirm play times, and determine access (stage, wings, backstage, floor only).
  4. We will perform the agreed upon live media services. Videos will be segmented into predetermined pieces for easy upload.
  5. We will request payment upon completion of filming. If there are multiple items, Mike Goetz Productions will deliver all items at the same time. Upon completion, the Act/Contact agrees to pay by Cash, Venmo, Paypal, or Quickpay with Zelle. We do not accept checks.
  6. Prices are based on 1 set or up to 1 hour.
  7. We will transmit files digitally to the desired email address via Google Link within 1 business day.
    One 1080p Google Pixel XL with stabilizing apparatus and external microphone
    (turnaround: 1 business day)
    For the best result, we recommend an additional camera.
    Second camera 1080p Google Pixel XL with stabilizing apparatus and external microphone
    Additional $35
    (turnaround: 1 business day)
    4000-pixel upgrade for sharpest image quality (large file)
    $30 per camera
    (turnaround: 2 business days)
    Zoom H4n+ field recording
    One 3-5 minute song/segment produced from two camera-live show with audio sync
    Additional $100
    (turnaround: 3 business days)
    Full-color live photography – Canon 6D with post-production editing
    (turnaround: 3 business days)

Read more about how advances in smartphone video technology, stabilization, and audio equipment have brought mobile filmmaking to the professional level.

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